Access to Spirituality

My name is Ismael Pohlert and I am the owner of Alt Dreamscapes. I began my spiritual journey in August 2020 and I have learned so much knowledge about crystals, meditation, and the universe. I started Alt Dreamscapes the summer of 2021 because I want to make Spirituality accessible and affordable to everyone.

Oftentimes, I see a lot of people using Spirituality as a mode to make money and profit off spiritual tools. My goal is to change the world by spreading love and knowledge. The money is not my main goal and I will always strive to keep my prices affordable.

Community Crystal Fund

I have also started the Community Crystal Fund, where you can donate to and people will be able to sign up for free crystals and other spiritual tools. I will start the fund with $100 and then the fund will be supported by you, the community!

Have a blessed day. I love you :)

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