Introducing the Community Crystal Fund

The Community Crystal Fund is designed to help make Spirituality affordable and accessible to all. I had the idea for the Fund when I was visiting local crystal shops in Southern California. A majority of these shops had astronomical prices for crystals and other metaphysical tools.

I felt as if these shops were solely profiting off Spirituality because of it becoming a trend. Here at Alt Dreamscapes, we strive to keep our prices affordable and competitive. We aren't here to follow trends; we are here to improve the collective consciousness and freely share Spiritual knowledge.

The Community Crystal Fund is a great way to jump start a movement of giving back to the Spiritual community and helping people with minimal fiscal resources gain access to Spiritual tools and knowledge.

I am starting the Community Crystal Fund by donating $100 to it. You can also donate here.

You can sign up for the Fund here and fill out the form explaining your fiscal and social circumstances. Please read the directions thoroughly, so you can be considered for the Fund. I will then add you to a wait-list and process those orders at the end of each month.

Please do not sign up for the Community Crystal Fund if you have ample resources at your exposure. This Fund is meant to help people that have minimal fiscal or social resources. Be honest and know that Karma is real.

Have a blessed day. I love you :)

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